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​Therapists and Counselors at Dea Dea Lpc, collaborate with individuals, couples and families to decrease and alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, ocd, shame and trauma and identify and challenge maladaptive thought and behavior patterns that can negatively effect relationships such as, codependency, enmeshment, unhealthy emotional boundaries, and ineffective communication skills.

do you answer yes to any of these questions?

  • Are you preoccupied with worst case scenarios?

  • Do you often feel worried, scared, or anxious?

  • Do you feel a sense of emptiness, dread, or lack of purpose or joy?

  • Do you replay past events, rehearsing your regrets in your mind?

  • Do you obsess over "what ifs?"

  • Are there beliefs or actions you can change to have more satisfying relationships?

  • Are there beliefs or actions others in your life can change to be better connected to you?

  • Are you afraid you’ll create more conflict by “saying the wrong thing?”

  • Are you scared of sharing your feelings with others?

  • Do you believe being honest is the same as “being selfish?”

  • Are you scared that asking for what you want will result in relational rejection?

if so, we want to help you

  • Identify and remove barriers for connection and intimacy.

  • Strengthen your skill to communicate feelings, desires and beliefs effectively

  • Coach the important people in your life in how they can more effectively connect to you without reactive anger, defensiveness, or withdrawal.

  • Understand, and deescalate symptoms of depression, anxiety, ocd and ptsd

  • Validate and heal from past emotional wounds and trauma, ptsd, family dysfunction, sexual, physical and emotional abuse

  • Build confidence to advocate for what you feel, desire and believe, while effectively communicating care for how you are effecting others.

  • Balance your care for self with your care for others.

  • Identify and correct unhelpful thought and behavior patterns.

  • Identify and challenge thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you stuck in fear, sadness, and relational isolation.

  • Be more successful in being known by others by knowing yourself.

be known

be accepted

be challenged

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